A Fabric and Fit Guide for Baseball Pants

Worn for protection, baseball pants are padded and tough pants that have elastic waistbands. Their length reaches halfway down the lower legs and around the shins. The length also depends on the age of the player since youth leagues allow their players to wear above-the-knee shorts instead of pants. These pants are usually sold as part of a baseball uniform along with the jerseys.

Types of fabric

Baseball pants can be classified according to their fabric:

1. Polyester – They are very durable and ideal for adult games since they can endure rough contact. However, they lack ventilation so they are not very comfortable during hot weather.

2. Polycotton – This type is one of the most popular fabrics because it is made from the combination of polyester and cotton fibers that provide both durability and comfort for the players. Most pants worn in official and major league baseball games are made of this type of fabric.

Shopping tips for pants

o Baseball pants should be comfortable. Buy a pair that feels comfortable and light on your legs and lower body. Make sure it is breathable enough so air can circulate properly through the fabric to prevent your legs from excessive sweating. Furthermore, make sure that the padding is just right so it is not heavy and it will not appear bulky when you wear them.