A Fast Fitness Guide

Do you hesitate to lift your hands up in the air because it feels like there is a pendulum swinging from your arm? Or are you frightened to wear a shirt without sleeves because you’re so self-conscious about your flabby arms? You are not alone.

Arm fat is the huge source of embarrassment for a great number of people who struggle with their weight. It is especially troublesome since it is one of the most visible parts of our bodies. Learning how to lose arm fat is a high priority for thousands of people who read my columns.

If you are one of the thousands struggling to lose arm fat, then keep reading and you will discover incredibly valuable tips that will detail exactly how to lose arm fat. On top of that, you’ll learn a variety of targeted exercises that burn arm fat, and that will result in stronger, well-toned arms.

Arm Yourself with a Low Fat Diet

If you are truly serious about winning the battle of the bulge and learning how to lose arm fat quickly and effectively, then you MUST arm yourself with a low fat diet. This is step #1. You must get to a point where your body is burning more calories than it is consuming. Essentially, this means you’ll need to increase the amount of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products in your diet, and decrease the fatty foods. Take an honest look at the food in your refrigerator and pantry, and eliminate the stuff you already know you shouldn’t be eating. In addition to this, begin drinking a healthy amount of water daily. Approximately six to eight glasses per day will work well for you.

Targeted Exercise to Lose Arm Fat

Now that we’ve made the appropriate changes to our diet, let’s examine how to lose arm fat quickly with targeted exercises. Let’s begin by highlighting a big trouble area for a lot of people – the triceps. The triceps (located opposite the biceps on the back of the arm) are the primary area of concern for thousands of people struggling to lose arm fat. One of the very best exercises you can do to lose arm fat in this stubborn trouble area is Tricep dips.

To perform this exercise properly, you will need to use a solid, stable surface, like your dining room table. Stand with your back facing the table, and place the heels of your hands firmly on the edge. Very slowly, begin walking your legs forward, keeping your hands in place on the table. As you’re doing this, you will begin to feel that your arms are bearing the majority of your body weight.

Once you are positioned properly (be sure that your hands are stable), you can begin to lower your body by slowly bending your elbows (about 45%). You’ll then begin to extend your arms to return to the starting position. Repeat this movement approximately twenty times. Work your way up to two to three sets of this exercise. If you perform this exercise daily for about 6 weeks, you’ll start to notice a dramatic decrease in your arm fat.

Fitness experts who know how to lose arm fat fast, agree that this is a terrific and simple way to get started losing the weight. You can begin today – there’s no need for weights or going to a gym to utilize this powerful exercise technique.

Lifting Weights to Lose Arm Fat


Now that we’ve discovered how to lose arm fat without the use of weights or working out at the gym, let’s explore how lifting weights can speed up your fat loss that much more. Weight lifting is an extremely effective way to lose weight fast, burn calories, and get in amazing shape. There are several different weight lifting exercises that will help you strengthen and tone your arms, including tricep curls, barbell curls, dumbbell curls, and skull crushers.

Keep in mind, as with any other type of exercise, consistency and repetition are the keys to getting the results that you want.

So now you’re armed with the knowledge. You’ve learned how to lose arm fat with three amazingly effective methods. So, put them to good use. Each method is a tremendous tool for you to get the toned, muscular arms that you long for. Make the commitment to yourself and begin your transformation today.