A Simple Fitness Guide

There have been thousands of studies that have been carried out regarding the fitness of girls. Most of the studies show that the majority of girls in today’s modern times are rejecting physical fitness and have stopped doing sports.

This has become a big issue so much so that parents are now worrying about the health of their teenage daughters. When a parent see’s that their baby girl is starting to grow up and reaches her teenage interests, they search frantically for a solution to try and keep their girls interest in sports activities.

The problem is not to try and get their girls into fitness so late in their teenage years but to develop the lifestyle from a young age. So that when they reach their teenage years they will naturally want to continue doing sports. Of course fitness is something that should last a lifetime.

On the other hand most boys who go into their teenage years do not worry and pursue sports like it is second nature. Boys are naturally inclined to get involved into sports. Usually its only the girls that stop their interest in sports when they reach their teenage years.

Judy Murray is a consultant on physical education and says that girls when they reach their teenage years usually drop their interest in sports dramatically. Team sports and competition usually goes way down to an all time low.

To improve this situation it must be the focus of the parents to keep their girls interests in sports from a young age. It is their responsibility to make sure that they send their kids to schools that emphasise the sports. Of course it should be sports that girls are interested in.

Of course its simple, the parents need to lead by example.

A big problem is that most of the sports that are focused on in schools around the country are sports that do not interest girls. So for this reason it is inevitable that girls will lose interest.

Most studies show that the sports that really interest girls are dancing and anything that involves dancing.

In today’s time there are a lot of schools out there that offer a range of activities that involve dancing. There are even programs that are being offered to those with a serious interest in the sport.