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Is that true? Gay and lesbian people are unique individuals, just like just for gay else, and can express themselves in an infinite number of ways! Fears of prejudice, rejection, or bullying can lead people who aren't straight to keep their sexual orientation secret, even from friends and family who might support them.

Would you favor or oppose a law that would allow homosexual couples to legally form civil unions, giving them some of the legal rights of married couples? For people of all sexual orientations, just for gay about sex and relationships can be difficult.

just for gay

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Yes, should No, should not Depends vol. Larger text size Large text size Regular text size. Would you favor or oppose expanding the federal hate crime laws in this way? Next, I'm going to read you a list of issues. In general, just for gay you think homosexuals should or should not have equal rights in terms of job opportunities?

Just for gay you, personally, comfortable or uncomfortable when you are around someone you know is gay or lesbian?

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Being interested in someone of the same sex does not necessarily mean that a person is gay — just as being interested in someone of the opposite sex doesn't mean a person is straight. Asked of those dissatisfied with acceptance of gays and lesbians in U.

Because of this, some gay and lesbian teens may feel different from their friends when the heterosexual people around them start talking about romantic feelings, dating, and sex. There is no inherent reason why gay or lesbian couples would be unable to have a stable romantic relationship.

Do you think new civil rights laws are needed to reduce discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people, or not?

Just for gay

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