The Worst( and Best Places to Be Gay in America

It showed an overall positive trend towards greater acceptance in of the countries over a year period. Recently, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a constitutionally protected right which helps to show that things are changing in this wonderful country.

There are no adoption laws.

The Worst( and Best Places to Be Gay in America

Gay sex is not specifically outlawed in Egypt; however, people are often arrested and convicted under morality laws which provide for up to 17 years of imprisonment with, or without, hard labor and fines. Most popular. It really comes down to individual choice. Politics 14 Feb. Canada [note 1].

The Worst( and Best Places to Be Gay in America

To protect his kids from such ugliness, he has created, and works to preserve, a bubble of open-minded people around them. California, on the other hand, takes discrimination against working LGBTQ folks so seriously that it recently banned government-funded travel to states it deems dangerously discriminatory.

While having more gays than those others, the state has The Worst( and Best Places to Be Gay in America disproportionately high hate crime ratewith one survey ranking Michigan as high as second in the nation. Patricia Todd State representative, 62, lesbian. If you're a queer person living in Missouri, Kansas City will welcome you.

That came through poignantly in more than 1, responses that The Times received after asking L. Despite a federal ruling in which U.

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  • Thousands gathered for the Houston Pride Parade. Texas is one of the worst states to live in as an LGBT person.
  • Although the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide in , Texas bucks and balks. Not New York.
  • One of the reasons I recently left my home state of Missouri to try to make a home out in Los Angeles is because I'm a bisexual feminist who hasn't always felt safe being herself. In fact, my main goal right now is to put down roots somewhere progressive.

If you're queer in Alaska, Anchorage is where you need to be. Keleigh Russell 23, lesbian, grew up in Wyoming, went to college in Montana. And in , it became the first city in the state to pass an ordinance protecting people from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, according to Freedom For All Americans FFAA.

New York legalized same-sex marriage back in without any federal nudge.

The Worst( and Best Places to Be Gay in America

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