Wii Fit Guide

The Wii Fit is a game for the Nintendo Wii console. Instead of a hand-held controller, it uses something called a Balance Board. The Balance Board is a Wii Fit device that looks like a bathroom scale without the numbers, and a bit wider. It is wireless, so it just sits on the floor in the middle of your workout area where you can use it best. It detects pressure, and detects where the pressure is in relation to the center of the board. The Wii Fit game uses that pressure/location to figure out what motions you are performing during an exercise or game.

For example, during the Hula Hoop game, it asks you to move your hips in a circle like you are spinning a hula hoop. Your Mii character on the screen is spinning a hula hoop. The Balance Board can trace your balance as it shifts around in circles while you spin your hips. The faster you are shifting your weight, the faster the Mii character spins its hips (and the higher and faster the hula hoop spins).

As another example, during Step Aerobics, the game has you moving through a routine of stepping on and off of the board. If you are supposed to move your right foot off the board, it can detect how your weight is shifting as you lift your right foot and move it off. It is sophisticated enough to detect that you have lifted the wrong foot, and sometimes it can even detect if you moved your right foot to the right of the board when you are supposed to move it back, based on the way your body’s balance shifts on the board.

There are 4 categories of Wii Fit games: najlepsze dla mężczyzn Yoga, Aerobics, Strength and Balance Games. The Yoga games are designed for increasing balance, flexibility, and core strength. It uses many of the standard Yoga poses that you would encounter at a local Yoga class. The Aerobics games force you to get your heart-rate up. Strength exercises build muscles in the various groups. Balance Games aren’t exercises…they are just plain fun. For example, the ski jump forces you to squat down as you race down the ramp, and stand up quickly to take off (otherwise you simply fall off the ramp).