Your Ultimate Fitness Guide

Muay Thai, commonly known as kickboxing derived its name from the Sanskrit word “Mavya” and the word “Thai” is a refined form of “Tai”. It means the art of eight limbs or rather, the science of eight limbs. The very sport is practiced using eight points of contact.

This is a popular sport in Thailand especially in and around the Thailand region. IT had its origin around two thousand years back when it was practiced as a popular entertainment sport for the pleasure of Kings and feudal lords. Later this became an important part of Thai festivals and celebrations and became a part of its culture. This training schools in Thailand preserve this as a part of their legacy and conduct This training sessions which are a part of adventure tourism in this region. More than that, a number of tourists and local inhabitants practice this as a part of their fitness regime.

Muay Thai training essentially endows you with numerous benefits.

• Firstly, kickboxing works on several core muscles. Once you enroll at a Muay Thai training school in Thailand, you would be asked to do some energy workouts which would flex your muscles which would give you easy flexibility and reduce stress.

• Secondly, Thisi workouts burn enormous calories. It would enhance your normal body metabolism and tone up your body muscles. Statistics reveal that one our rigorous kick boxing session is capable of reducing 800 calories per hour.

• Thirdly, This art boosts up your energy levels. As you practice the sport, you would be breathing hard and sweat out a lot which would erase off the toxins from your body. In this process, your body would gain loads of more energy.

• Fourthly, kickboxing helps you maintain a great body posture. It helps you shed off fats from the area around abdomen as you need to have a well toned waist and abs for maintaining the balance for every move.

• Last but never the least, a sound body also nurtures well nourished and positive mind. Once you feel beautiful inside, you genuinely look great outside. This helps you maintain a sound body, mind and spirit balance that everyone yearns for and paves way for a well balanced, enriched lifestyle.